Print and Scan Documents

How Do I Print and Scan Documents?

Pay-per-print services are available to students, in various campus locations such as computer labs and residential areas and the library, where a printer is conveniently located on the Library ground floor, across from the Circulation Desk. These printers can be remotely accessed from any computer on campus, including personal computers.

ITS provides all students with printer accounts. To use Pay-per-Print machines students need to credit their accounts at the Business Office.

Library staff will contact the Copy Center staff at extension 2744 to report any printer related problem and request professional help with maintenance.

The following page details easy steps to follow to pair any computer connected to the University LAN or Wi-Fi with the Pay-per-Print service.

How to Configure Your PC to Connect to the Network:

  1. On a Windows XP system, open the Start menu, and then click on ‘Run’. On the Run small window, type: \\print and click on the keyboard’s enter button.On a Windows 7 or Windows Vista system, open the start menu and in the search field, type: \\print and click on the keyboard’s enter button.
  2. When a small window opens authenticate using your Network Account’s credentials (what you use to open a session on lab computers) with the username preceded with aui\.
  3. After successfully authenticating, a new window will appear with only one icon reading “Printer”. Right click on the icon and choose “Connect”.
  4. The application will ask whether or not you want to install the printer’s driver, approve by clicking on “Install driver” and wait for the printer’s driver to be  installed.
  5.  Open any document and try to print it; a new printer named, \\print\printer should be available under the list of your available printers. Choosing to print to this unit will send the print job to the University’s Pay-per-Print system.

How to Set-up Your Network Access ID and PIN:

  1.  After your first print attempt, you will receive an email from “ Helpdesk” with a PUK code.

  1.    Using the touch-screen control panel of the printer, enter your Network Access ID.
  2.    Enter the eight-digit PUK code that you received by email.
  3.    The touch-screen will automatically prompt you for a 4-digit PIN code of your own choice then confirm again.

How to Log On With an Existing User Code:

  1.   Press the “Other Function” button. This will give you the SafeCom login screen.


2      Touch the screen to activate the printer.
3      Enter your ID on the touch-screen. Select “Ok.”
4      Enter your PIN Code on the touch-screen. Select “Ok.”
5      Depending on your task, select either the “Pull Print,”“Email,” or “Copy” function button from the touch-screen.

Scanning Services at the Library:

In addition to the first floor machine, which can be used to scan documents, there are two professional scanners available in the Multimedia Learning Center (MLC).

There is no charge for those scanning copies to disc or USB memory stick.

Given the technical complexity of the units involved, patrons are advised to ask for assistance in the use of scanners by contacting MLC staff at extension 2135.