Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Spotlights


Visiting Professor Speaks on Post-Hurricane Political Economy

The Human and Economic Development Research Unit (HEDRU) welcomed Professor Adriana Garriga-López from Kalamazoo College for a talk on the political economy of the post-hurricane Mariah crisis in Puerto Rico. Professor Adriana Garriga-López collaborated with SHSS Faculty, Dr. Zaynab El Bernoussi, in virtually connecting their respective courses, "Border Epistemologies" and "Politics of the Global South." This collaboration was thanks to the support of the Global Liberal Arts Alliance (GLAA) and IIE's HIVE Program (Harnessing Innovation Through Virtual Exchange). It was a successful experience of cross-cultural exchange in addition to intellectual mingling. 

Here is a video of part of the talk: 

Mimouna Club Explores Jewish History in Rabat

On Sunday December 1st, AUI’s Mimouna Club organized a trip to Rabat where members had the opportunity to visit important Jewish sites in the capital. The group started the day by visiting the synagogue Shalom Zaoui in the Mellah. After a warm welcome from the Rabbi, they discussed the different components of the synagogue's structure. Next, they visited another synagogue: the Talmud Torah synagogue, where Abdou Ladino presented an overview of the history of Jews in Morocco and how they moved throughout time. He also mentioned the role Morocco played in their protection. The club members later visited the Old Jewish cemetery of Rabat where members lit candles for Jewish patrons before gathering for lunch at the La Menora restaurant to try Moroccan-Jewish food. 

Before heading back to campus, the group visited the Mausoleum Mohammed V and unfinished Hassan Tower, along with discussing the role of His Majesty King Mohammed V in saving Moroccan Jews during World War II.  


AUI Professor Presents in Geneva on Mathematical Models

SSE professor Lahcen Laayouni presented a research seminar in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Geneva over the period of October 14th through 16th. His presentation was entitled “Algebraic Optimized Schwarz Methods for Black-Scholes Models” and explored scientific computations in finance using mathematical models 

A description of his seminar can be found here: 

SSE Professor and Alumnus Publish Article on Software Testing

Dr. Bouchaib Falah, Associate Professor at AUI’s School of Science and Engineering, and AUI alumnus Issar Arab recently published a paper in the Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal (ASTESJ). The paper was entitled “SCMS: Tool for Assessing a Novel Taxonomy of Complexity Metrics for any Java Project at the Class and Method Levels based on Statement Level Metrics,” and explores a model for ensuring quality results in software testing.  

The paper introduces a newly developed tool, named Spectra Complexity Metrics System (SCMS), which compiles a novel taxonomy of complexity metrics of any given software written in the Java programming language. It suggests metrics that have been invented to identify and evaluate the characteristics of Java computer programs. These metrics aim at increasing the efficiency of the testing process by significantly reducing the number of test cases without having a significant drop in test effectiveness. 

Read the full article here:  

Refer to the link for the impact factor:


Dr. Therrien Explores a Migrant's Journey to a Better future

School of Humanities and Social Sciences faculty member Catherine Therrien recently published her book, “Celui qui échoue devient sorcier. Parcours d'un migrant camerounais parti d'Afrique et arrivé... en Afrique,” with the Presses de l'Université Laval (PUL 2019) in Canada. The book is a result of more than two years collecting the narrative of a Camerounian migrant who came illegally to Morocco in the hope of reaching Europe, and who finally decided to settle in Morocco. Therrien explores this migrant’s incredible trajectory in which truth surpasses fiction.