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SSE Faculty and Alumnus Publish Paper on Software Technologies

SSE Professor Dr. Bouchaib Falah and alumnus Ahmed Lekssays published a paper titled "A Novel Approach for Android Malware Detection and Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks" in Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Software Technologies (ICSOFT 2020). 

In their work, an attempt is made to address the problem of mobile malware detection and classification based on a new approach to android mobile applications that uses Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). The paper suggests a static analysis method that helps in malware detection using malware visualization. 

More details about the published article can be found in:


Dr. Lounnas Publishes Paper for the H2020 European Union PREVEX Project

Dr. Djallil Lounnas, Assistant Professor of International Studies at AUI, recently published a paper titled "Analysis of the implications of the French killing of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) leader Droukdel on violent extremism in North Africa and the Sahel" for the H2020 European Union Preventing Violent Extremism (PREVEX) project in which AUI is involved.  The paper, based on interviews conducted by Dr. Lounnas and co-author Akram Kharief, looks at the consequences of the death of Abelmalek Droukdal, supreme leader of AQIM killed last June in Mali and on the future of this organization in Algeria and the Sahel, in the wake of the death of its founder. 

The full paper can be found here:

Dr. El Bernoussi Draws Some Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Notable world leaders, like US President Donald Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron, and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson all declared war on the invisible enemy, COVID-19. How should we act as an international community? In an opinion piece for the Rabat Social Studies Institute (RSSI), Dr. Zaynab El Bernoussi, Professor at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences reflects on some ways to better deal with the health crisis.   

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Lounnas Publishes on the Hirak Movement and the Reaction of Jihadi Groups in Algeria

Dr. Djallil Lounnas, Assistant Professor of International Studies at AUI, recently publishein the journal Securité Globale a paper titled: "La mouvance Djihadiste et le Hirak en Algérie." The paper is based on field work and interviews conducted in Algeria in June 2019 and looks at the Hirak in Algeria and how the Jihad organizations linked to both Daech and Al Qaeda reacted to this popular movement. While many back then believed that this Hirak could lead to an upsurge in terrorist attacks in Algeria, the paper argues that the Jihadi organizations, already very weak,  did not benefit from any "security vacuum" nor from any popular support and thus continued their decline. 


The full paper is available here: 

SSE Student Stuck in the US Turns his Journey into an Opportunity and Publishes Paper

SSE student Othmane Belhoussine, used his time wisely while stuck in the US on exchange and published a paper. During his exchange at Western Washington University, Othmane had the chance to work with multiple researchers and research teams in different fields, including Bioinformatics. During the research process, they explored the impact of mutations on the SARS-CoV-2 Proteome. The results were very interesting as they discovered that amino-acid mutations on some specific sites were able to highly destabilize and disrupt the functions of the virus. 

The paper with all findings was submitted to the ACM-BCB 2020 conference, scoring second-highest among all other manuscripts. 


The manuscript can be found here.