Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Al Akhawayn University Hosts the Spring of Social Sciences

Al Akhawayn University Hosts the Spring of Social Sciences

The School of Science and Humanities, in collaboration with Mohammed V University in Rabat and the Council of the Moroccan Community Living Abroad (CCME) organized, from April 9 to 11, 2021, "Spring of Social Sciences” on the theme "social sciences, field research, and societal transformations." 

This assembly allowed participants to look at issues related to migration and Moroccans around the world, and to underline the urgency of launching a national project to think of the social sciences as an investment and an instrument at the service of decision-making for public policies. Agreements were also signed on the sidelines, particularly the creation of the Ibn Khaldoun Center for Migration Studies, in partnership with Al Akhawayn University and the CCME, as well as agreeing to and ensuring the continuity of the organization of this event and to make it an annual international forum, starting next edition. 

Through open discussions, various actors, research professors, experts, and students from various scientific fields, intellectual sensitivities, and professional affiliations have affirmed the need to give social sciences a central place in the elaboration of strategic plans and development projects and to integrate it into decision-making and the production and planning of public policies. 

Aware of the major changes in our society, the participants also called for the creation of higher institutes and training schools in social sciences. The objective is to strengthen the presence of these sciences within the educational engineering of the university offerings. They also advocate the establishment of a National Observatory of Social Sciences and a national prize for scientific research on social sciences, as well as the encouragement of communication and interaction initiatives between the various generations of social sciences - from inside and outside the country, by establishing an institutional framework that brings together all professionals working in this field. 

Given the presence of migration in various societal transformations and the awareness of the role of the sociology of migration in the development of social science research, the participants also called for devoting the next session of the "Spring of Social Sciences" to the theme" Social Sciences and Migration "and to create an Ibn Khaldoun Fund for Migration Studies to encourage scientific research and projects in the field.