Covid-19 Literature Research and Film




 As part of a new partnership between the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) at Al Akhawayn University and the Arab-European Association for Media and Communication Researchers (AREACORE), AUI students and faculty participated last summer in a project that aimed to gather insights on media in times of Corona in AREACORE partner countries – through the collection of reports and literature and the production of a short film on this topic. 


The literature research, which Professor Kenza Oumlil conducted, contributed to feeding a Dossier: Media in times of Corona in the Arab World and Europe. The collected analyses and reports containing relevant literature for the respective countries can be found here: This short film, “The Moroccan Media in Times of Corona,” was produced in July 2020 by students working at home under lockdown conditions for a Communication Studies class on Writing for Media & Journalism, taught by Noelia Santos, who also served as producer and supervising editor for the film. 


Special thanks to Salaheddine Lamaizi and Aida Alami, and to the research and consulting producer Kenza Oumlil. 


Students include: ALAMI-SRIFI, Rhita; BARRAMOU, Mehdi; BENYASSINE, Yousra; CHAFIK, Wissal; CHERIF JARFAOUI, Ghita; Dmarh, Hafid; EL FASSI, Kenza; ELHAMEL, Asma; GUENDOUZ, Taher; JAJA, Raghda; KHALIL, Jamal; KOHEN, Fatima Zohra; Miri, Chaimae; MOUSSAOUI, Soufyane; NOUH, Zakaria; OUKACHA, Salma; OULI, Salim; YASSINE, Aymane; ZOUAKI, Doha.


The video can be accessed here: