Al Akhawayn partner of the project “MEDiterranean Countries - Towards Internationalization at Home” funded by the EU



Fourteen European and southern Mediterranean universities, including Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, recently launched the MED2IaH project "MEDiterranean Countries - Towards Internationalization at Home". MED2IaH is a 3-year project developed around the concept of “internationalization at home” which reframes the traditional practice of internationalization in higher education while ensuring the transition from so-called “outbound” mobility to systematic institutional efforts to improve the overall skills of all students from this region. This concept represents, in fact, a real paradigm shift and introduces a spirit of egalitarian community where internationalization is no longer a privilege reserved for a few students but an asset that benefits all students.


The MED2IaH project thus emphasizes the value of extra-curricular and experiential learning as just as important as the knowledge acquired in formal settings to promote the development of international knowledge of students. It includes practices and activities such as Boot Camps, Tea Houses, and Stakeholders ’Networks that contribute to the academic experience of all students and help them develop their overall skills and enhance their employability. "This is an initiative in symbiosis with the DNA of Al Akhawayn University, which aims to be the locomotive of an education that values entrepreneurial learning, academic leadership as well as innovative and creative approaches aiming to equip generation Z students with distinctive and soft skills allowing them to generate added value and have a tangible impact on both the economic and social levels, and this on an international scale", underlines Dr. Karim Moustaghfir, Professor and Coordinator of the MED2IaH project at Al Akhawayn University.


Different stakeholders - professors, researchers, students, administrative staff, and public decision-makers - are involved in this project with a view to developing a holistic approach bringing together a combination of intervention measures, diverse but complementary, within the framework of teaching programs, formal and informal. This integration should generate better opportunities for intercultural learning, the adoption of international quality standards as well as the widening of the field of international relations while strengthening the links of collaboration with other institutions abroad.


At the national level, in each Mediterranean partner country, public decision-makers will benefit from the various experiences developed within the higher education institutions participating in this project to engage in higher education modernization processes based on empirical results, in accordance with the reforms underway in each country. Managers and other stakeholders in the higher education sector, based on the expertise acquired through the MED2IaH project, will better contribute to the reform processes underway in their respective countries by articulating specific internationalization needs in order to support national policy development efforts.


MED2IaH is a project funded by the European Union ERASMUS + program. Among the participating countries are Slovenia, France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan.