The Student Government Association's Crucial Role during the Lockdown


Since the start of the CoVID-19 lockdown measures in Morocco, Al Akhawayn Student Government Association (SGA) worked closely with the university’s administration to help students in these challenging times and to adapt the procedures and policies given the situation.


To assist students with their questions and needs, the SGA established the COVID-19 Help Desk on their website. This tool enabled students to ask questions, raise their concerns, and give feedback about new policies. The SGA made sure to follow up with each request submitted by students on the form:


SGA Senators also worked on helping students who stayed on-campus during the break to come back home, as well as exchange students who are still on campus until the travel ban gets lifted. The representatives coordinated with the administration to ensure that students will receive a housing refund for the remainder of the semester, extending the second installment payment date, and reviewing the fees for the upcoming summer session.


To accommodate for the difficulties that some students might face during the lockdown, the SGA submitted a proposal for the change of the grading system to allow students to choose to receive either letter grades for their classes or a P/F grade (as implemented in other liberal arts universities around the world). In addition, the SGA coordinated with the School of Business Administration and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, to provide suggestions that will help students in their capstones, exit tests, internships, and other academic requirements.


Finally, one of the key roles that the SGA is playing in the university’s response to the current situation is ensuring good communication with students, making sure that their concerns are addressed, and contributing with concrete solutions whenever possible. In fact, two SGA Senators remained on-campus, working remotely with all the SGA team, to fulfill that mission.