Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - No Violence Alliance Awareness Days: Breaking Down Biases to Build an Inclusive Campus

No Violence Alliance Awareness Days: Breaking Down Biases to Build an Inclusive Campus

Each semester, the No Violence Alliance (NoVA) holds their Awareness Days, a series of events that raise awareness and promote education around issues related to anti-violence work and working towards a more inclusive University. This semester’s Awareness Days took place from April 20 to 24, under the title ‘Ecosystem of Equity: Breaking Down Biases to Build an Inclusive Campus.’ This programming revolved around how we all play a role in creating a better AUI community. In order to make a more inclusive and equitable campus, our events focused on becoming more mindful of our own positionalities, recognizing and unlearning our unconscious biases, being a good ally, and actions we can each take to bring about positive change within AUI.


The first event, ‘The State of Cyber Bullying in Morocco & Being a Digital Bystander,’ led by Kathryn Stubanas, Layla Ajrouh, and Isabel Bonhomme, took a look at cyber harassment and technology-facilitated gender-based violence (TFGBV) on a national level- what it is, the impact it has, and your rights. The topic was also considered on a more personal level- what your options are as a victim of cyberbullying, and actions to take if you see this happening to others in your community. A mindfulness session led by Dr. Smita Kumar focused on our roles in the AUI community- how we can use compassion and self-awareness to actively work toward creating positive change around us. The third event was on ‘Men’s’ Roles in the Ecosystem of Equity,’ and this was led by Dr. Duncan Rinehart. This discussion explored how “being a man” can keep us from being healthy human beings and learn how we can be men and healthier humans as allies, and as friends, sons, brothers, fathers.


All events are recorded so members of the community can come back to the presentations in the future if they were unable to attend or wanted to revisit some of the information discussed. They can be accessed here.