Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - AUI Center of IT Innovation narrows the digital divide in the region

AUI Center of IT Innovation narrows the digital divide in the region

To contribute to the region and foster ICT expertise, Al Akhawayn Center of IT Innovation (CITI)for Human Development listed its educational website on the platform of the ministry of education TilmidTice: to give access to 853 numerical resources that cover science and mathematics subjects of 7th, 8th, and 9th graders (Physics/Chimie, Sciences de la vie et de la Terre, Mathématiques).


Developed as part of the CITI project, the content covers a total of 149 chapters that come under PowerPoint presentations, simulations, video clips, course plans, online quizzes and exams. The technology used is based on flash, which users must activate manually or install to access these resources. The content is validated by the inspectors and AUI researchers and submitted to AUI software engineers and technicians to revise and convert to an adequate format as well as to develop simulations corresponding to the different chapters. The developed material was returned to the teachers then to the National Center for Innovative Pedagogy (CNIPE), who validated the developed materials.


A CD (accessed here containing all the above-mentioned resources was provided to the region in order to share its content with students who do not have access to the internet as well as invite teachers and inspectors to exploit the content and prepare videos based on these already-made resources. This implementation is the first of its kind in Morocco.


CITI, is the result of a cooperation between AUI’s Center for IT Innovation for Human Development laboratory, the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the project “Generalization of New Information Technologies for Education” (GENIE) of the Moroccan Ministry of Education, and two pilot schools in Ifrane and Fez. Since 2009, CITI’s mission has been the development of digital applications having a direct impact on the Moroccan citizen and this, in order to contribute to the narrowing of the digital gap between Morocco and the developed countries. The Center also aims to contribute to the rehabilitation of the educational process in our country and the integration of information and communication technology in the teaching of scientific subjects at the secondary level.