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Congratulations to AUI Student Youssef Lahbiel for his Achievement in Model United Nations Online Conference

  AUI student Youssef Lahbiel recently received an honorable mention for his participation in the International Model United Nations (IMUN) online conference 37.0. He was also recognized for his participation i...Read more

L'équipe des étudiants d'Al Akhawayn remporte le Chartred Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute Challenge

 Le Maroc a abrité, du 14 novembre 2020 au 30 janvier 2021,  la première édition du CFA Institute Challenge Morocco 2021 organisée par la Société Nord-africaine des Analystes en Investissement (IASNA). Il s’agi...Read more

AUI Ranks Second in ACM National MCPC

AUI ranked second in the competitive ACM National MCPC (Moroccan Collegiate Programming Contest) this year after six consecutive years in first place. AUI's high ranking allows it the opportunity to join other...Read more

President Bensaid at the ICESCO Conference on the Arabic Language

Al Akhawayn University President, Amine Bensaid, delivered a speech at the Islamic World educational; Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) International Conference held in celebration of the World Arabic Langua...Read more

President Bensaid welcomes participants of the Fourth Winter University for Moroccans Living Abroad from Dakhla

Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Moroccans Living Abroad in partnership with Al Akhawayn University, this application-based conference brings young Moroccans living abroad together once a year was held on...Read more