Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane is an independent, public, not-for-profit, coeducational Moroccan university...

Al Akhawayn University continues to lead the way as a civic university in Morocco and embodies social responsibility with...

No matter how small, every donation will contribute to making AUI a better place and serve the community...

Civic Engagement

AUI continues to lead the way as a civic university in Morocco.

As an institution, we endeavor to be inclusive in our outreach and sensitive to our surroundings. We have a substantial Financial Aid provision for high performing low-income students with merit scholarships awarded every semester...

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Our Involvement

Office of Community Involvement


The CIP is a free core curriculum component for all AUI undergraduate students and has three non-credited courses: CIP 1001 Human Development in Morocco, CIP 1002 The Role of Civil Society in Human Development, and CIP 2000 Community Involvement Fieldwork...

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Azrou Center for Community Development

Created in 2002 by Al Akhawayn University as a result of tripartite convention with the Society of Friends of Al Akhawayn University in Saudi Arabia and the King Fahd Middle East Studies program at Arkansas University in the United States...

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Student Solidarity Associations


There are a number of student-centered organizationson campus within which students continue to build strong outside relationships with the local Ifrane community and devote considerable time towards organizing fundraising annual events for community projects...

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Friends of aui!

There is room for everyone to play a socially responsible role while here at Al Akhawayn University whether you are faculty, staff or student. We look forward to seeing how you choose to get involved.




Fun Run

The annual fundraising event of the Hand in Hand Association.

The major event of Rotaract Club of Al Akhawayn University.