Student Associations

Student Associations also provide very useful services to the local community. They fund their programs through fund-raising activities and donations from individual and corporate sponsors. They include the following:

A Few Words About Us

Hand in Hand

This is a solidarity association created by students in 1997. Its goal is outreach in the Ifrane region, in particular to promote the importance of literacy and health...


This student solidarity association was created in 2000. It is affiliated to the Rotary Club. Its mission is to foster leadership and responsible citizenship...


This student solidarity association was created in Spring 2013.It is affiliated to the Lion’s Club. Its mission is to promote service activities among AUI students ...

Design for Change

Design for change works with children from different schools in Ifrane and its region. It provides them with an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better world ...

Friends of aui!

There is room for everyone to play a socially responsible role while here at Al Akhawayn University whether you are faculty, staff or student. We look forward to seeing how you choose to get involved.