Ordering Transcript


Transcripts and Grade Reports

Transcripts will be issued within 60 days of the last day of the program.

Summer Semester

Grade reports (1 per student) are normally sent one week after the final exam period.
Transcripts (1 per student) are normally sent in Mid-September.

Additional Transcript Request

Additional transcripts may be purchased by paying the following fees.
The amount you have to pay is for up to two transcripts
40.00 dirhams (4$) (fee per transcript)
10.00 dirhams (1$) (service charge per transcript)
50.00 dirhams (5$) (registered mail for up to two transcripts, approximately 20 days)
400.00 dirhams (40$) (express mail charges, approximately 2 days): USA, CAN
310.00 dirhams (31$) (express mail charges, approximately 2 days): EUROPE
530.00 dirhams (53$) (express mail charges, approximately 2 days): JAPAN
560.00 dirhams (56$) (express mail charges, approximately 2 days): AUSTRALIA

Payment options

1st option (recommend):

Send an international postal money order; total fees will depend on the number of transcripts requested. We recommend Western Union. Go to www.westernunion.com and use your credit card. Please send the money order in the name of: Samira Rhioui at Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco. Western Union will give you a Money Transfer Confirmation Number (MTCN) once the on-line transaction is complete. You must send an email with the MTCN to obs@aui.ma and cc oip@aui.ma and registration@aui.ma . Ms. Rhioui will collect the money from the post office and we will be able to confirm receipt of the money within one or two working days.

2nd option

Payment may be made by wire transfer or by cashier’s check or certified bank check.

Wire transfer/Bank Transfer

Swift Code: BCPOMAMC
Bank Code: 148
City Code: 420
Account: 212 11 508 14 56 0119
Address: Bank Populaire, Ifrane 53000, Morocco


When using a wire/bank transfer, be sure to email (scan the document) or fax of all the wire transfer information including the tracking numbers, amount and name of the person for whom the payment is being made. This is extremely important as the US bank and the Moroccan banks have problems communicating and tracking data is sometimes lost or delayed.


Send this email or fax to:
Email: M.Aaquil@aui.ma & OIP@aui.ma
Fax: 212 535 86 2727

Once the payment is made, we will send the requested transcript(s) as soon as possible.

Transcripts Requests

Transcripts can be requested by contacting:
Email: registration@aui.ma
Tel: 212 535 86 2876 Latifa Ouanaim
Tel: 212 535 86 2174 Karima Derkaoui