Q: When do applications close? Will I be accepted if I apply?

A: The deadline for applications is May 24, 2020, the earlier you apply, the higher chance you have to be accepted given that the program can only accommodate about 120 students.

Q: I have

  • taken four years of low-intensity Arabic language studies
  • x semesters of Arabic but we did not speak much in class
  • learned Arabic by speaking with my parents/grandparents but do not know how to read or write
  • learned Arabic in some other situation,

what level do I place in ?

A: All students who have studied Arabic before take a written placement test and have an oral interview which determines the level in which they should be placed. Placement change can be recommended by the professor based on observation and assessment in the first few days of classes.

Q: I am interested in undertaking the course in Moroccan Arabic - is this offered within the Summer Course or in addition to it?

A: The Moroccan Arabic is not part of the Modern Standard Package. In fact, it is optional.

Q: Is it possible to take one of the NAS courses if I am only in Morocco for one month?

A: Yes, the NAS courses are offered from May 30 to July 20, which means that you have to attend the 8 week track.

Q: How do I apply to the ARANAS Program?

A:You must:

  1. Fill out the ARANAS program application form
  2. Request your official transcript to be mailed by your university to the following address:
    ARANAS 2020
    Office of International Programs
    Al Akhawayn University
    PO Box 104, Ifrane, 53000, Morocco
  3. Send an international postal money order for 1500 DH's. This deposit will be credited to your program fee; it is not an additional fee. We recommend Western Union. Go to www.westernunion.com and use your credit card. Please send the money order in the name of: Mr. Mohamed Mouaka at Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco. Western Union will give you a Money Transfer Confirmation Number (MTCN) once the on-line transaction is complete. You must send an email with the MTCN to obs@aui.ma and cc arabic@aui.ma. Mr. Mohamed Mouaka will collect the money from the post office and we will be able to confirm receipt of the money within one or two working days.

Q: Do the schedules of the North African courses conflict with the schedules of the Arabic language courses?

A: The program is designed that all courses fit together. The Arabic language courses take place in the mornings and North African Studies courses in the afternoon.

Q: Does the program offer scholarships or financial aid?

A: Al Akhawayn University provides scholarships for the Arabic and North African Studies summer program. These Scholarships cover up to 75% of tuition and housing costs. To apply for these scholarships, please fill out the application form which you can download from the scholarships page and send it to arabic@aui.ma by March 30, 2020.

Q: When is the fee due in full?

A: The program fee is due in full upon your arrival here. But, you can pay any time before that.

Q: What is the average number of students in Arabic classes?

A: The average number of students in Arabic classes is 8-9. The number of students in each class does not exceed 12 students. If taking NAS classes you will be with Moroccan and other international students of AUI who need the class as part of their degree program. Regular academic classes' average is 25 students.

Q: I am not interested in transferring credits, is it possible to take one or more of the ARANAS courses as pass/fail. If it is possible, would the application process be any different?

A: The application process is the same. You can opt for pass/ no pass when you register for courses at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane.

Q: Are most of the students Moroccan or is there a more international selection of students?

A: The ARANAS student body is international and the majority of the ARANAS participants in the previous years are American. About 600 Moroccan students take the regular summer session, so they will be around during the sessions of the ARANAS program.

Q: Am I allowed to take the intensive Arabic courses without any previous knowledge of Arabic?

A: If you have never studied Arabic before, you will be placed in beginning Arabic I. Please note that Beginning Arabic II is not offered in track A2 (second session).

Q: Is the deposit of 1500 DH's required to be considered as an applicant or is this only required after an applicant has been accepted?

A: Yes, paying the 1500 DH's is part of the application process, and the admission committee does not review applications unless the fee is paid. Please note that the 1500 DH's is not an additional application fee; it will be credited to your program fee.

Q: Who should I contact in the case of an emergency?

A: Emergency Contact Numbers:
For emergencies: the Housing Office staff on duty can be reached at 555 (for men) and 3333 (for women). The operator on campus can be reached by dialing 9 or Security at 2222.