Activities help students experience the Moroccan culture closely. They are of paramount importance when it comes to the culutral immersion of students enrolled in the program

Tour in Ifrane

While visiting important places, students are accompanied with the program assistants who provide information about the places surrounding Ifrane. This helps them know where to go when need be: souk, transportation services, bank, or restaurants. This visit will also allow them to know about the prices of some common items and services.


Students will learn about the aid traditions and customs in the classroom with their professors right after the holy month of Ramadan. Students who are interested in joining families during this Eid time are welcome.


Wedding ceremonies are different from one region to another. ARANAS students are invited to attend a mock wedding where they will learn more about the practices and the Moroccan wedding traditional clothes and jewelries.

Films' Projection

Students have the opportunity to watch Arabic movies every week. This enables them to get more immersed in both the Moroccan and the Arabic cultures through the discussions that are held after the film projection between classmates and professors.

Family Homestays

Students get to live wonderfully enriching experiences through this activity as they are offered the opportunity to live with a Moroccan family where they find home away from their original home. This experience enhances students' immersion in the Moroccan culture. They enjoy the lifestyle and the flavors of this marvelous country and its people.

Moroccan Tea Time

One of the traditional drinks in Morocco is the Moroccan tea. Tea is served every day and in every occasion. Students will be invited to prepare the tea, then drink it either with homemade Moroccan cookies or the traditional cookies that were prepared by the students in the cooking club.


These trips pave the way for students to acquire historical information about the imperial cities in Morocco and the dazzling desert where they can watch the alluring sunset and sunrise on the top of the Merzouga dunes. Knowledgeable guides are in charge of providing as much information as needed about the important monuments in the visited cities.