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Al Akhawayn University Adds New Graduate and Undergraduate Programs to its Degrees’ List
In line with the University’s strategic objectives (unveiled last February), Al Akhawayn University is launching 10 new bachelor’s and 5 master’s programs for the start of Fall 2020. These programs are designed to further strengthen AUI’s commitment to preparing students for 21st-century careers...
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Meet some of the inspiring Women of AUI in 25 Years
Last 8th of March, on International Women’s Day, the AUI community was invited to nominate AUI women that most inspired and impacted their life and the community. We recognize that all our AUI women are inspiring, and these nominations are representative of the spirit and energy that all the women in our community bring...
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AUI Center of IT Innovation narrows the digital divide in the region
To contribute to the region and foster ICT expertise, AUI Center of IT Innovation (CITI)for Human Development listed its educational website on the platform of the ministry of education TilmidTice to give access to 853 numerical resources that cover science and mathematics subjects of 7th, 8th, and 9th graders...
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Alumnus Develops a Tool Capable of Predicting the Evolution of Co-vid19 using Data and AI
Alumnus Anasse Bari, Clinical Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University (NYU), designed an artificial intelligence (AI) tool to understand the evolution of the coronavirus and determine the actions to be undertaken to limit its impact. A native of Tangier, Bari heads a research team at NYU, that focuses on the application of AI...
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Admission Process - How to Become an AUIer?
In response to the growing COVID-19 crisis and the instructions received from the Moroccan government authorities, Al Akhawayn University has canceled its General Admission Test (GAT) in all exam centers. At this time of global uncertainty, students may be nervously wondering whether their application to the University will be affected...
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