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The NAMES program at AUI is an intensive, one-year program that takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of North Africa and the Middle East. NAMES offers students a learning environment and research opportunities that are unparalleled in either the region or the world. Our students are given the opportunity to pursue post-graduate studies in small courses taught by faculty specializing in Moroccan, Maghribi, Saharan, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and African Studies

This is especially true of the courses and faculty specializing in and courses topics in North African studies. No other program in the region offers as many English-language graduate-level courses on Maghribi studies topics. Finally, students can gain proficiency in a variety of different regional research languages including Modern Standard Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, Tamazight, French, and Spanish.

But it is not only in the classroom that students joining the NAMES program will discover unique opportunities. Alongside the university’s Mohamed VI library collection of specialized literature on the Maghrib, students conduct original research drawing from a wide variety of nearby archives, libraries, and research field sites.

Regionally and theme-focused coursework, a large faculty specializing in Northern Africa and the Middle Eastern studies, training in regional languages, and a diverse range of research opportunities make the NAMES program at AUI an ideal choice for prospective MA students worldwide.

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