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The Master of Arts in Islamic Religious Studies (MAIRS) program at AUI offer students with an interest in Islam and Religious Studies a unique opportunity to combine the academic study of Islam with a wide range of opportunities for original research in a Muslim-majority country with a rich variety of Islamic traditions. Students gain the tools and training necessary to explore and engage with Islam as both a historical phenomenon and a diverse living tradition. Our students can also take advantage of AUI’s location in Morocco to conduct hands-on research in the study of Muslim communities and Islam in major metropolitan centers, desert oases, mountain villages, or coastal cities. The program appeals to students from diverse backgrounds, including those interested in learning more about the study of Islam as well as those interested in pursuing a PhD in Islamic Studies, History, African Studies, Art History, Religious Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies.

This graduate-level degree is designed to provide students with an advanced knowledge of issues related to Islam and the role of religion in societies. The program focuses on the study of religion from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities as well as from the perspective of theology and religious doctrine.

To learn more, contact the program coordinator, Paul Love

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