Doris H. GRAY

Associate Director, The Hillary Clinton Center for Women’s Empowerment Gender Studies Program Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco

Before becoming an academic, Doris Gray was a journalist for many years, ten years as foreign correspondent in South Africa and Kenya, covering 24 African countries for the for the German Press Agency (dpa).

Research Interests

Contemporary Gender issues in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisa, Islamic Feminisms, Transitional Justice, Masculinities.


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Select articles:

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Book Chapters:

Gray, Doris H. and Coonan, Terry: “Reframing Gender Narrative through Transitional Justice in Tunisia” in Transitional Justice in the Middle East and North Africa. Sriram, Chandra, editor. Hurst, 2016.

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Courses Taught

SSC 2315 Sex, Gender and Power

SSC 3316 Women in Society and Politics

SSC 3311Women and Development in North Africa

SSC 3398, HUM5360 Contemporary Issues in Islam: Gender

Topics for Supervision

Gender and Islam

Islamic Feminisms


Women’s Rights in North Africa