Associate Professor of Islamic Art, Architecture, and Archaeology

Said Ennahid (Ph.D., Arizona State University), archaeologist and Associate Professor at al-Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco. Ennahid’s research interests include Islamic archaeology, art, architecture, and urbanism, medieval historical geography, and cultural heritage of contemporary Islamic societies of North Africa.

Research Interests

North African and Middle Eastern Archaeology and History

City and Urban Life in Medieval North Africa

Islamic Art, Architecture, and Urbanism

Medieval Historiography and Historical Geography

Islamic Manuscript Culture and Intellectual History

French Colonial-Period Architecture and Urbanism in Morocco

Culture and Society in Contemporary North Africa


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Book Review

1999 Book review of The Archaeology of Islam by Timothy Insoll. Blackwell Publishers, Oxford, 1999. Published in American Antiquity 64(4):715-716.

Courses Taught

Islamic Art and Architecture (at both levels: Undergraduate/Graduate)

Islamic Civilization

History of the Arab World

History of Islamic Technology (course proposed)

North African Cities, Lewis & Clark College, Morocco Program, Spring 2011

contemporary Islamic Societies of North Africa (Summer Program Coordinator)