HIST 1301: History of the Arab World - Summer 2006
M-F 14:00-15:20, Building 6 Room 8
Prof. Jonathan Wyrtzen


Online Readings
Selections from Ibn Khaldun’s Muqaddimah- Foreward, 11, 24-30

Selections from Life of Muhammad (Sirat al-Nabawiah) by Ibn Ishaq

Selection from Egger, A History of the Muslim World to 1405, pp. 172-182, 194-198
Selection from Lapidus, A History of Islamic Societies, pp. 299-333

Map of the Middle East in the Sixth Century
Map of Muslim Expansion in the Time after Muhammad
Map of Muslim Expansion until A.D. 661
Map of the Umayyad Empire c.A.D.750
Map of the Abbasid Caliphate (786-809)
Map of the Late Abbasid Caliphate c.A.D.900
Map of the Mediterranean in the Ninth Century

Map of Muslim Expansion in Western Mediterranean
Map of Almoravid, Saldjuk, and Ghaznavid Expansion c.A.D. 1100
Map of the Empire of Sultan Salah Al-Din (1171-1193) and Map of the Crusaders' Principalities in Syria and Palestine
Maps of Spain after the Fall of the Umayyad Caliphate in the Periods of the Party Kings and of the Almoravids
Map of the Muslim World c.A.D. 1300
Map of the Muslim World c.A.D. 1500
Map of the Growth of the Ottoman Empire From the Early 14th Century Till 1512
Maps from W.C. Brice, An Historical Atlas of Islam (Leiden, 1981) and R. Roolvink et al., Historical Atlas of the Muslim Peoples (Amsterdam, 1957), available at http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/~bvon/pages/maps.html

Outline 1 Introduction, Ibn Khaldun, the Muqaddimah
Outline 2 Arabia and the Near East in Late Antiquity
Outline 3 The Life of Mohammed and the Origins of Islam
Outline 4 Islamic Expansion and the Caliphates - Umayyads and Abbasids
Outline 5 Political Division and Social Unity
Outline 6 The Articulation of Islam

Outline 7 Overview of Arabs in Middle Ages
Outline 8 Urban and Rural Society and Culture in the Middle Ages
Outline 9 Crusaders, Mamluks, and Mongols
Outline 10 Arabs in the Western Mediterranean
Outline 11 Rise of the Ottoman Empire

Outline 12 18th Century - Changing Balance of Power
Outline 13 The Long 19th Century - Imperialism, Capitalism, Industrialism
Outline 14 Efforts to Reform
Outline 15 Collapse and Parition of the Ottoman Empire and the Mandate Era
Outline 16 Nationalism and Islamic Reform in the Interwar Period
Outline 17 Independence and the End of Empire

Outline 18 Arabism in the Age of Nasser
Outline 19 Palestine and the Creation of the State of Israel
Outline 20 Arab Unity and Disunity since 1967
Outline 21 Rentier States and the Rise of Islamist Movements

These are links to useful sites containing valuable information about the Arab World, the Middle East, Islam, and other topics relevant to the course.

Internet Islamic Source Book - This website maintained by Fordham University contains a substantial collection of primary and secondary source material (some excerts) available online about the Middle East.

Informed Comment - Website by historian and current president of the Middle East Studies Association, Juan Cole. Provides insightful commentary on contemporary concerns including the Iraq War, the "War on Terror," etc.

Google Earth - Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.

al-Bukhari's Collection of Hadith - English translation of Sahih Bukhari, considered the authoritative collection of sayings and deeds of the Prophet. Other hadith collections also available as well as other sources. There are also Arabic versions available online.


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