Yoff Layenne is home to the small Layenne Sufi order, largely confined within Cape Vert 's Lebou community. The order was founded by Seydina Mouhammadou Limamou Laye (1844-1909), who was born in Yoff, an historic Lebou fishing village now included with Dakar's municipal boundaries. After embarking upon his religious mission, in 1884, Seydina Limamou settled with his entourage of disciples outside of his home village, on unoccupied ground near the beach. Yoff Layenne, as the quarter is now called, consists of two distinct spaces. The “village” is densely built up (pop. approx. 10,000) and is centered on a small public square. At the eastern end of the square is the Friday mosque, to the west is the “Master's House” (Kër-gu Mak) where Seydina Limamou had lived. This compound is still used by the caliph of the Layennes. The second part of the sanctuary is the Diamalaye, which consists of a large open prayer ground, used on holy days and for celebrations, a holy well, the mausolea of Seydina Mouhammadou Limamou Laye and of several of his successors, and the community's cemetery. This urban design was largely repeated in the second Layenne sanctuary, Cambérène.