Darou Mousty


Darou Mousty was founded in 1912 by Mame Tierno Birahim Mbacké (1866-1943), one of Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba's younger brothers and a Sufi in his own right. Mame Tierno Birahim established his daarou in a grove of mature baobab trees. These great trees still tower over the center of the town today. Mame Tierno's original compound, called Baïty, contains the family's necropolis, with the mausolea of the founder and his successors. Mame Tierno's lineage constitutes an important subgroup within the Mouride order and Darou Mosty is an important Mouride sanctuary. With approximately 15,000 inhabitants, it is considered the “second city” of the Mourides.


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