Reserve Policies

The following are samples of materials that can be placed within the Reserve collection.

Type of Reserve Materials



These include library books selected by faculty from the General Collection and put on Reserve.


Faculty can now request eBooks for course reserves.

Personal Copies

Faculty may place personal copies of items on reserve. These items are treated just like those that the library would furnish, but the Library is not liable for any loss or damage incurred to the items while they are under the library’s care. This applies equally to multimedia materials.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Scanned copies of journal articles and book chapters can be put on reserve. Copying should not exceed the limits of fair use.

Faculty should submit high quality copies of journal articles as poor quality photocopies shall not be scanned.

Multimedia Materials

Multimedia materials will be available at the Multimedia Learning Center (MLC) located on the first floor, where they can be viewed.

The standard loan period for reserve materials is set by the instructor; otherwise it shall be set according to the table below. Faculty members are urged to contact the Reserve Desk staff to inquire about the possibility of extended or overnight loan periods.

Item Type Checkout Period Overdue Fine Checkout Limit
Reserve 1 hour/in-house 1 hour 5 DH/hour 1
Reserve 1 hour/overnight* 1 hour 5 DH/hour 1
Reserve 2 hours/in-house 2 hours 5 DH/hour 1
Reserve 2 hours/overnight* 2 hours 5 DH/hour 1
Reserve 1 day 1 day 20 DH/day 1
Reserve 2 days 2 days 20 DH/day 1

*Items may be checked out overnight within the last hour before the Reserves Desk closes. These items will be due one (1) hour after the library opens the next day. The hourly overdue fine accrues from that time onward.

No due date reminders or overdue notices shall be sent for Reserves materials. Borrowing privileges for Reserves may be suspended for the remainder of the semester if items are repeatedly overdue or returned damaged.