Overdue Fines

All patrons incur overdue fines for each item returned late. Borrowing privileges are suspended for overdue items and unpaid fines.

Item Type

Overdue Fines


10 DH/day


10 DH/day

AV Materials

10 DH/day

Digital Cameras

20 DH/day


5 DH/day

*Due dates will not be set on holidays nor on days when the library is closed.

An automated reminder will be emailed to the patron at regular intervals. Initial notices will be sent one (1) week before and then two (2) days following the due date. Subsequently, a reminder will be emailed every seven (7) days until a twenty-one (21) day limit. Following the last reminder, books are declared lost and patrons will be duly informed.

No reminders are sent for overdue Reserves; however, overdue fines will accrue and suspend borrowing privileges. 

Fines are paid in full at the Circulation Desk by means of a deduction from the cash wallet card. Extenuating circumstances will allow for fines exceeding 50 DH to be forwarded to the Business Office, at which time borrowing privileges can be reinstated. Payments cannot be performed by phone or email, regardless of urgency or need.