Request Checked out Books

How Do I Request Books That Are Checked-out?

Occasionally, the books that you need may not be currently available, often because another patron has them checked-out. Once you have located the book that you want in the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), you can place a Hold on that item.

Holds allow users to reserve books for themselves the moment that they are returned, and ensure that they will be notified of their arrival.

This service also applies to books that are currently available. It places a restriction on the item, preventing other patrons from checking it out until the Hold expires.

How To Request Books:

  1. To request materials when they have been checked out by another patron, search first for the title using the Mohammed VI OPAC.
  2. From the search results page, click on the “request” link  on the left of the title of the book. Alternatively, from within the book’s description page, select the  icon from the set of buttons at the top of the page.
  3. As with all My Millennium interactions, the name, CIN ID # and password must be entered, as seen in the figure below (for help with creating an account, please contact the Reference Desk staff).
  4. Once within the “Request a checked out book” form, select the desk of your choice from the “Pick-up Location” pull-down list.
  5. From their respective pull-down lists, choose the “day,”“month,” and “year” that describe the limits of the hold. Note that, regardless of timeframe entered, items are only stored for three (3) after their return. If they are not claimed within three days they shall be returned to the General Collection.