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Jan 08, 2020

AUI Librarians attend AMICAL’s Annual Conference in Kuwait in…

Mr. Aziz El Hassani, Mr. Rachid Zegrane, Mr. Mustapha Azaou, Ms. Hanane Karkour and Ms. Khawla El Akkili will attend the 17th AMICAL Annual Conference, hosted by the American… Read more...
Dec 20, 2019

Mohammed VI Library: Top Donors 2005-2019

Mohammed VI Library is happy to celebrate its donors and acknowledge their generosity. Mohammed VI Library: Top Donors 2005-2019 Donor’s name Donated items Medal type 1 Dr.… Read more...
Dec 02, 2019

E-textbook training

Mohammed VI Library has invited E-Textbooks Specialist at VitalSource to provide workshops to AUI faculty at the Zero Decibel Room according to the following schedule: Tuesday 3… Read more...

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