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The PaperCut print and copy system is used on campus for printing and copy services for students, faculty and staff (for personal and departmental printing and copy). PaperCut uses the AUI campus ID card and for authentication and payment.

What is GoPrint/PaperCut?

PaperCut is the new system ITS uses for students, faculty and staff GoPrint! Service. Now, your AUI Network Account is automatically linked with your GoPrint! Account using the same username and password. PaperCut allows you to launch print jobs, release print jobs, add money to your account (coming soon) and view your print history from anywhere.

What is the GoPrint Portal?

The GoPrint Portal is a website you can log into for the following:

  • Use the Web Print feature.
  • Check the remaining print balance available for your account.
  • View a summary of total jobs and printed pages.
  • View the environmental impact of your print jobs.
  • View your transactions history for your print credits.
  • View a list of jobs queued for printing.

Access to the GoPrint Portal is available on and off campus computers, personal laptops and mobile devices. 

How do I add printing credit?

For Enrolled Student, 100 MAD is automatically added to your account at the beginning of each semester. To add additional print credit, you will need to contact the Business Office (Online Payment will be available soon).

For Faculty and Staff, Please contact your Schools/Units Administrative Assistants.

How do I know how many Prints I have left?

The PaperCut desktop widget shows the balance remaining for the logged in users

How do I print from anywhere?

Printing from anywhere is known as "Web Print" in PaperCut. To use Web Print, just log into your GoPrint account at, click "Web Print" on the sidebar, and follow the onscreen instructions to upload your document for printing.

How do I print an Image?

Image files (e.g. JPEG) are not fully supported, as the file format doesn't specify what size it should be printed. Please create a PDF or Word document containing the images in your desired layout.

How do I print my document using web print?

Office Document are supported, but the easiest way to do this is to print it to a PDF and then upload that PDF to the GoPrint portal,

What about Scan?

Documents may be scanned in various resolutions and formats and sent by email either to the logged in user or a recipient email address may be entered. Emails have the from field set to the logged in user. After setting your options via the menus, scanning is initiated using the copy button.

Which printers are color?

The Black Devices Toshiba e-Studio 4505AC copiers are color capable.  You can send a black and white print job to any copier (including 4505AC) using the same printer and you will only be billed for black and white, regardless of which device you release the job on.  If you want to submit a color job, you need to select the color option available under Printer Preferences.

What are the applied costs for new service?

Printing and copying costs will remain the same and Scanning will also remain free of charge.


B/W duplex

(each side)

Color duplex

(each side)

B/W Color
A4  (ISO_A4) 0.35 MAD 1.45 MAD 0.40 MAD 1.50 MAD

Can I Print/Copy at the Copy Center?

Copy center printers have now joined the GoPrint! service, so you can ask for assistance at the copy center for your print/copy jobs. At the copy center, the following costs are applied:


B/W duplex

(each side)

Color duplex

(each side)

B/W Color
A3  (ISO_A3) 0.70 MAD 2.90 MAD 0.80 MAD 3.00 MAD
A4  (ISO_A4) 0.40 MAD 1.50 MAD 0.45 MAD 1.55 MAD

Where GoPrint! Devices are located?

For now, Printers are available in the following locations:

Location B/W  Color 
Library (entrance) 2 No
Building 4 (main entrance) 1 1
Building 7 (lab) 1 1
Building 8 (main entrance) 2 No
Building 11 (lab & Hall) 2 1
Copy Center* 2 1

* The printers in the copy center are available during staff working hours only.

Can I Set up my personal computer/ Laptop to Print to Papercut* The printers in the copy center are available during staff working hours only.

Printing to the printers controlled by Papercut is much the same as to any other printer.

You can connect to the main GoPrint! queue by typing \\goprint on Start -->Run or Search, Please use AUI\username and your password when prompted to login. Right click on PRINTER on goprint, then Connect.

What are the default options for the GoPrint! printers?

By default, all printers are set to black/white, and double-sided options.

In case you want to print in color and/or in single-sided, make sure you select appropriate options under printer preferences.

How do I Proceed in case my ID Card is not linked with my GoPrint account?

In case your ID Card is not linked to your GoPrint! account, you just need to swipe your card against the card reader of any GoPrint! printer. The printer will note that the card is unassociated. Enter your username and password using the on-screen keyboard (the same username and password you use to log into AUI computers & WiFi). Once you have successfully logged in, your card will be automatically linked