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Al Akhawayn University has three network connectivity options:

  • Wireless 
  • Wired, to which physically laptops and/or desktops are connected to the campus network through a network outlet/jack.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network), which is used to securely allow getting connected to resources on campus through a remote connection, while travelling or at home.

Note, if you are plugging into a jack which has not been used in recent months, you may need to ask for it to be reactivated (submit a SD ticket). ITS can also consider installing a new network outlet.


Wireless access to the university's online resources is available across the University’s main campus, downtown and off-campus.  
The primary wireless network is listed as auiConnect. This network provides wireless access to students, faculty, and staff. Getting connected to auiConnect requires authentication through AUISSO credentials.

A second wireless network, listed as auiGuest is also available for visitors. auiGuest is open and requires no authentication. auiGuest has restricted access to some resources on campus, such printing services.

A third wireless network service for visiting academics from other universities, listed as eduroam, will be available by October 2019. Visiting academics will be able to use eduroam to connect to AUI network through their home university credentials.