Email Messaging System

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Al Akhawayn University email account is a primary means of communication between AUI community members.  AUI email is the official vehicle for the University to communicate regarding important issues including campus emergencies, news, and events.

The University is moving from Lotus Domino to Office 365. Every Student, Faculty, and Satff members have a personal email account with a 100 GB storage quota. All data on this account is confidential and is backed up periodically. Through this account, AUI community members have access to University announcements and news, can search for any other AUI member’s email by name, and can address all members of the community via the ‘News’ and Events’ e-channels.

Benefits & Features:

  • Share files, tasks, invitations, calendars, and contacts,
  • Keep contacts and address book in a single centralized location accessible from anywhere in the world through a web interface,
  • Spam filtering service.