Technology Equipped Classrooms

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Technology Equipped Classrooms

ITS maintains and supports over 60 technology equipped teaching and learning spaces. Each supported classroom, auditorium, and teaching lab contains at minimum a data projector, a white/smartboard, a computer, an HDMI and/or VGA plug, a power plug, and Wireless network coverage. Classroom sizes range from 15 to 500 seats.



All classrooms are equipped with the following features:

  • A White/Smart Board,
  • A Data projector and projection screen or TV monitor,

  • A Computer with its monitor, a keyboard and mouse,
  • Audio Speakers (embedded in the data projector, suspended or on-desk speakers),
  • Digital signals (HDMI) and 3.5mm audio connectors,
  • Standard VGA connectors (except Classrooms in Building 8B, equipped with HDMI only),


How to get support

Call the ITS Service Desk at 06 61 51 51 25 or 666 (from an on-campus phone) to request ITS classroom support. Classrooms are supported from 8:30am through 5:30pm.