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Information Technology Services provides IT support for AUI students and faculty. It incorporates all aspects of the service needed to support and fulfill the mission of providing computer resources to the University’s academic community. This includes, but is not limited to: appropriate availability and accessibility to the University’s IT Resources; current computer hardware and software technologies; and proficient technical and operational support staff.

What is AUI NetID?

You're new on campus and you need a place to start. Your Campus Computing ID NetID provides you with personalized access to an abundance of resources on campus. The AUI NetID is a secure, efficient way for the University and its computer systems to ensure the identity of an eligible user before allowing access to potentially sensitive information. NetIDs allow access to a growing number of online services at AUI. Your NetID allows you to get access to the following services:

  • Log on a local session on your personal computer or IT Labs computers,
  • Your SD Account,
  • Access your N-Drive Storage Space,
  • Access to the University Secure FTP Server,
  • Get Access to the wireless Network,
  • Get Access to Jenzabar web client,

How to get it?

As a student the NetID is given to you after enrollment at AUI and as a Faculty member, it is given to you by administrative assistant of the school you are affected to.

  • Computing Environment

All computers operate under both Windows 7 and Linux environment, are kept up to date, and are equipped with a number of academic and entertainment software. All software installed on computer labs is also provided for domestic download, and available to all students, when there is no related license restriction, under the Downloads section of the HSDMS – accessible at:

  • IT Labs

The University strives to create a computer lab environment that helps students carry out the educational and research missions of the University. Because computers are an essential tool for quality education, ITS Department operates and maintains a number of computer labs, both open and purpose-specific. There are currently 3 lab categories:

- Open Labs: for the exclusive and general use of AUI’s, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Lab 8 is also open 24/7; however, during the daytime, class reservations, posted on the lab’s door, are given the priority). Open stations in the library and the dorms are included in this category,

- Course Labs:  for-scheduled-classes-only, and

- Private Labs: for the exclusive use of their owners.

You can see the list of the available labs in the AUI's IT Labs List and their Locations on AUI Campus