Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing and Logistics Engineering


Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing and Logistics Engineering (BSMLE) is an Industrial project-based program, with knowledge application to real industry problem-solving. The BSML aims to prepare students to monitor the integral supply chain management with respect to targeted goals. It will provide students with the tools needed to make decisions rigorously and effectively using computer programing, mathematical modeling, statistics, and optimization.


The BSMLE program emphasizes learning by doing through course projects and the use of state-of-the-art software tools and labs for practical learning and final projects.


As Morocco’s economy grows, there is a need for engineers with a global view on the supply chain of the enterprise, and with the capacity to understand the design of products, production lines, layouts with consideration of maintenance, reliability, and quality.

Acquired Skills

Graduates of the BSMLE will be able to:

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the BSMLE program will be able to work as: 

Key Courses

In addition to Core Engineering and Management Courses,  the program consists of specialization courses including the capstone project:

Who can Apply?

The program is open for graduates of Moroccan or International high schools interested in earning a degree in Manufacturing and Logistics Engineering.

Usual criteria for admission to the School of Science and Engineering: