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Master of Science in Information Systems Security (MSISS)

Master of Science in Information Systems Security (MSISS)

The Master of Science in Information Systems Security (MSISS) program is designed to provide the student with expertise in the management of information systems security for the real world. They will have preparation in applying best practices for implementing new technologies, for dealing with current and evolving threats, for incorporating new security tools and strategies, and for managing all security aspects that will serve them well into their career. Graduates will also be well prepared for the CISSP certification, the first information security credential accredited by ANSI ISO/IEC Standard 17024:2003. This 30 SCH program is designed for completion in one and a half years.

The requirements of the MSISS program consist of nine courses and a one semester MS Project (3 SCH) or eight courses and a two semester MS Thesis (6 SCH). The courses are divided into 4 major courses and elective courses. All the courses include hands-on labs and projects.

The prerequisites required for the MSISS are the equivalent of CSC 3352- Computer Communications, CSC 3353-Computer Networks, and CSC 3355- Cryptography.

MSISS Degree Requirements

In order to earn an MSISS degree, a student must:

 1. Fulfill the major (12 SCH) and elective (12 SCH) course requirements for the MSISS, in addition to any undergraduate prerequisite courses that may be needed.

 2. Complete and defend the Thesis (CSC 5333 6 SCH) or MS Final Project (CSC 5343 3 SCH) successfully. Students who select the project option also need to pass an additional approved elective for 3 SCH.

3. Have a CGPA of at least 3.00.

4. Earn a grade of B- or better in all courses counting towards the MSISS.

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See AUI Catalog (2015-2017) for further details: (P 333-334)