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Master of Science in Computer Networks (MSCN)

Master of Science in Computer Networks (MSCN)


The Master of Science in Computer Networks (MSCN) program is designed to provide the student, through concentration courses, with expertise in designing, administering, and securing computer networks. In addition, it gives the student sufficient breadth through selected advanced elective courses, to learn new technological developments quickly. The requirements of the 30 SCH MSCN program consist of courses and either an MS Project (3 SCH) or an MS Thesis (6 SCH). The courses are divided into four concentration courses and the balance consists of elective courses.

The prerequisites required for the MSCN are the equivalent of CSC 3351 (Operating Systems), CSC 3352 (Computer Communications), and CSC 3353 (Computer Networks).


MSCN Degree Requirements

In order to earn an MSCN degree, a student must:

1. Fulfill the concentration (12 SCH) and elective (12 SCH) course requirements for the MSCN, in addition to any undergraduate prerequisite courses that may be needed.

2. Complete and defend the MS Thesis (CSC 5333: 6 SCH) or MS Final Project (CSC 5343: 3 SCH) successfully. Students who select the project option also need to pass an additional approved  elective for 3 SCH.

3. Have a CGPA of at least 3.00

4. Earn a grade of B- or better in all courses counting towards the MSCN.


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See AUI Catalog (2015-2017) for further details: (P 331-332)