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Master of Engineering in Financial Technology

Master of Engineering in Financial Technology


Program Overview

The Master of Engineering in Financial Technology (MEFinTech) is a multidisciplinary program covering both core financial technology enablers and some fundamentals of finance. The program focuses on practical skills required to implement financial applications leveraging Blockchain and smart contracts, distributed ledgers, crypto currency, data analytics for advising, as well as compliance and regulations in financial technologies.



The MEFinTech program emphasizes learning by doing through a dedicated laboratory that offers the necessary platforms and tools (hardware, industry software and development platforms) for practical learning and final projects.



Digital currencies, Blockchain, and intelligent financial advising (robo-advising) are rapidly changing the financial landscape. Demand for professionals who can drive the transformation has never been higher. These changes are more than ephemeral; they are permanently shaping the banking, trading, and finance sectors. The demand for Fintech engineers has grown steadily 400% a year.


APEBI “Le digital, au cœur du modèle de développement”

« La finance numérique reste un levier incontournable (mobile banking, mobile money, fintech, etc.) pour bancariser les marocains mais surtout faciliter et accélérer les flux financiers, sources de croissance économique » 


Acquired skills

The ME in FinTech is designed for graduate engineers who can help the banking and the financial market sectors embrace FinTech. Graduates of the MEFinTech program will be able to:


1.     Demonstrate a working understanding of the financial, banking, and market sectors.

2.     Demonstrate a deep understanding of how technology is fast transforming the financial, banking, and market sectors.

3.     Apply advanced technologies related to the digital transformation of the financial and banking markets, such as blockchain, digital currencies, distributed ledgers, data analytics and visualization, and machine learning tools to financial and market data.

Foundation Courses


Advanced / Object Oriented Programming

FIN 3301

Principles of Finance


As English is the language of instruction, a score of 500 in the TOEFL is required. If admitted, candidates not meeting this requirement need to take and pass extra English courses before starting the program.


Structure of the Program

Excluding prerequisites, the program consists of 30 SCH — including 12 SCH of core technology courses, 9 SCH of Finance and Intermediation courses, a 3 SCH compliance course, and a 6 SCH Final project.

The program consists in eight (8) core courses and a final project:

  • Cryptography for Blockchain and Crypto Currencies
  • Blockchain Application Development
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Cybersecurity and Data Protection
  • Compliance and RegTech
  • Money and Banking
  • Financial Intermediation
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Financial Technology Final Project


The Financial Technology Final Project

The purpose of the professional project is to develop and demonstrate professional competence through the application of learnt tools and technologies, concepts, and techniques to build FinTech applications.  The professional project is pursued under the close supervision of a faculty member and/or other industry partners with relevant expertise and is the equivalent of three month of full-time work including the report write-up.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of the MEFinTech program will be able to work as:

  • Blockchain engineer
  • Product manager and FinTech lead implementation engineer
  • Digital transformation lead in banking, insurance and financial institutions
  • Compliance and RegTech lead implementation expert[I] 


Who can apply?

-       Graduates holding a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering, or a bachelor’s degree in Business with a with a minor in CS.


-       Candidates from Moroccan Universities with a three-year degree (License) in Mathematics and/or Computer Science, are eligible to apply, but if admitted, they will be required to take and pass additional online foundation offered by Al Akhawayn University partners.