Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies

Degree Programs

The School of Science & Engineering (SSE) at AUI offers Master programs and a joint BS/MS program, allowing a student to jointly pursue both an MS degree and one of the BS degrees described in the Undergraduate Studies section. 

Students enrolled in one of the MS programs have access to specific financial resources offered by the School, including merit scholarships and research or teaching assistantships, described in the graduate financial aid section.

 Application and Admission Requirements

Applicants for graduate study must meet the University’s general requirements for admission and enrollment. In order to be admitted to an MS program, candidates with a Bachelor of Science from Al Akhawayn University must submit an application file including the undergraduate transcript and two letters of recommendation from faculty. Candidates may be invited to an interview before acceptance. Admission will be decided based on overall GPA, GPA in courses in the major area, and recommendations of faculty. As a rule, applicants should have earned at least a 2.50 CGPA and a 3.00 major area GPA.

Other candidates must submit an application file showing their bachelor’s degree, license, or equivalent, in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or scientific discipline. Based on the application file, candidates may be invited to an oral interview and asked to take a placement exam. As a rule, applicants should have a 3.00 GPA or at least two mentions of “Assez Bien” (or equivalent) in their undergraduate studies.

Foundation Requirements and Courses

New students must satisfy a Breadth Requirement in the core area. The AUI BSCSC degree will satisfy this Breadth Requirement for MSCSC, MSSE, MSCN, and MSISS. Other AUI graduates may be required to take additional foundations courses to satisfy the Breadth Requirement. Students will also be required to satisfy prerequisite requirements for each graduate course taken.

For non-AUI students, the Breadth Requirement will be satisfied either by passing an Entrance Placement Exam or by taking remedial foundation courses. The Entrance Placement Exam for information technology-related programs covers eight areas of computer science: Computer Programming Skills, Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Communications, Software Engineering, and Database Systems. Students must pass the exam in at least six of the eight areas to avoid remedial foundation courses. Students who do not pass the Entrance Placement Exam in at least six areas must take up to two semesters of foundation courses, corresponding with the areas of the exam that they have not passed.

General Requirements for MS Programs

The MS programs require 30 SCH of coursework, including a culminating experience of either an MS Project (3 SCH) or an MS Thesis (6 SCH). The MS Project option is designed for students who expect to enter (or reenter) the job market immediately after completing their MS degree. The MS Project will normally be completed in one academic semester. The MS Thesis option is designed for candidates who may wish to continue their studies at the Ph.D. level. The MS Thesis will normally be completed in two academic semesters. The MS Project or MS Thesis should be undertaken after finishing the concentration courses for the specific program. Students can register for the MS Project or MS Thesis only after finishing at least two courses in their concentration.