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School of Science and Engineering

Ilham Kissani

  • Assistant Professor of Engineering Management
  • School of Science and Engineering

  • Status: Full-time
  • Office number : 1
  • Building : 7
  • Office phone : (+212)-535-862-122
  • Email :
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  • Dr.Kissani is a professor in the School of Science and Engineering since spring 2010. She received her Bachelor degree in Operations Research with Honors from the Engineering School INSEA in Rabat and both Master and Ph.D. degrees from Laval University in Canada. She is an expert in logistics and management science and has worked on the implementation of optimization models using various Decision Support Systems (Supply Chain Studio, Promodel, Supply Chain Guru…), for companies having critical needs for redesigning their supply chain following a situation of merger, expansion, or cost minimization. One of the consulting mandates, with AXIA, was related to the redesign of Natura supply chain, a cosmetic Brazilian firm to match some expansion needs. Her teaching interests include production and operations management and management science topics. She has been the recipient of numerous awards and nominations (FORAC, NSERC). Her research interests include Green and Lean aspects in supply chain and logistics. She has done significant research work and published over top quality international conferences.
  • Degree : Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, Laval University, Canada M.Sc in Logistics, Laval University, Canada Engineer in Operations Research, INSEA, Morocco
  • Research areas and expertise : Decision Support Systems, Lean and Green aspects in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Risk Management, Engineering Statistics and Probability, Operations and Production Management, Quantitative Methods

  • Grants and honors : FORAC- CANADA 2002 Holder of the fellowship of the Consortium of Research FORAC. Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship -CANADA 2005 From The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). Industrial R&D Fellowship (IRDF) -CANADA 2009 From The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Seed Money Grant- Al Akhawayn University 2012 To support the project: Supporting Lean and Green Supply Chains in Moroccan Companies
Bibliography: Kissani, I. et Martel, A., 2003, « Design du réseau logistique des entreprises de pâte et papier », Acte du Ve Congrès de Génie Industriel, Québec, 2003. Kissani I, Ait-Kadi D., 2005, “Performance assessment and design of supply chains using the Multi-objective Programming”, CIRO2005, Marrakech, Morocco, Mai 2005. Kissani, I., Aït-Kadi, D., Kettani, O., 2005, “Improving performance and flexibility of supply networks in the case of demand and supply uncertainties “, ICORD-V conférence, Jamshedpur, India, December 2005. Kissani I., Kettani O., Ait-Kadi D., 2005, “Reliability improvement in supply chain design under demand and supply uncertainties”, HICL 2006. Kissani I., Ait-kadi D., Kettani O., 2007, “Risk of industrial organisations: analysis, quantification and modeling”, Conference on Systems and Control (CSC07), Marrakech, Morocco, May 2007. Kissani, I., Kettani, O , Oral , M, Aït-Kadi, D, A contribution to supply chain design under uncertainty, International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management (IESM 09), Montreal , Canada, May 2009. Kissani, I., Kettani, O , Oral , M, Aït-Kadi, D, reliability-based optimization in supply chain design, Conference International de Génie Industriel (CIGI 09), Trabes, France, June 2009. I.Kissani, A.Elhaimar, Measuring the relative efficiency of automotive financial services branches: A DEA application, Proceedings of Conference Shtochastic Modeling and Data Analysis (ASMDA), June 2011. I.Kissani, Y.Boulaksil, D. Aït-Kadi, Modeling carbon efficient supply chains, 4th International Conference on Approximation Methods and Numerical Modelling in Environment and Natural Resources (MAMERN11), Saidia (Morocco), May 2011. Kissani I., Boukhari Y., Game theory under competition in gas industry, The Third International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM) Istanbul, Turkey, July, 2012. Kissani, I., El Mokrini, A. Aggregate planning - Opportunities and challenges between developed and developing countries, The Third International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM) Istanbul, Turkey, July, 2012.