Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Asmae Khaldoun

Asmae Khaldoun

  • Associate Professor of Physics
  • School of Science and Engineering

  • Status: Full-time
  • Office number : 113
  • Building : 7
  • Office phone : (+212)-535-862-154/114
  • Email :
  • Website :

  • Asmae Khaldoun was born and brought up in Morocco, She studied Physics and Chemistry and acquired in 1996 her M. Sc. degree in Renewable Energy from the University Mohamed V in Rabat and then earned PhD in physical chemistry at the University of Abdel Malek Essaadi in Morocco in 2002. She earned a second PhD in Physics “Soft condensed Matter” on January 10th, 2013 at the University of Amsterdam. From 2004 to 2007 she worked, as Post Doc at University of Amsterdam, under the direction of Profs. Daniel Bonn. This group – and particularly its work on complex fluids - is acknowledged to be among the premier experimental chemical engineering research programs worldwide. During the research project she has carried out in Amsterdam, she has studied the rheological behavior of mixtures of wet granular matter and clay. This is an important study, since it has delivered crucial new insight into the physical and chemical processes underlying natural phenomena such as quicksand and land-slides. The most important results of her work were published in Nature in 2005. From 2007 to 2009, she worked as Project Leader at Avantim Technologies in Amsterdam. She worked on several Shell research development projects on high throughput and formulation technology. In September 2009, she started working at Al Akhawayn University as Assistant Professor and got promoted to Associate Professor in 2016. She has taught undergraduate classes such as Physics, Thermodynamics and Material Science and Engineering. On the other hand, she was involved in the creation of the Master Program on Sustainable Energy Management program at AUI. and have taught the graduate class “Conventional Energy” in the said Master Program. She supervised two PhD thesis, and currently has five in progress. She also supervised more than 50 capstone projects and Master thesis. She is actively involved in research and were awarded the following research funds: • The project entitled “Africa-Europe BioClimatic buildings for XXI century” 1,082,312.50 €, in e frame work of ABC 21: Africa-Europe Horizon 2020. buildings for the XXI century • The project entitled “Nanocoating and Testing; a step towards the improvement of CSP reflectors for less intensive maintenance both in terms of labor and water.” 1,860,000.00 MAD Funded By IRESEN, “Institute for Research on Solar Energy and New Energies”. • The project entitled “Clay as Construction Material: A step towards green buildings in Ifrane region” 2,065,000.00 MAD from CNRST, “Centre Nationale de recherche Scientifique et Technique” • The Project entitled “Transformation of Zouiat Sidi Abdeslam village into a model ecological village in the region for greater efficiency in terms of electrical energy, wood and water consumption.” 500,000.00 MAD Funded by the Region of Fes-Meknes.
  • Degree : 2013 PhD in Soft condensed Matter, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands • 2002 PhD in physical chemistry, Abdel Malek Essaadi University, Tetuan, Morocco. • 1996 Master degree in Renewable Energy, Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco. • 1993 Bachelor degree in Physics, Abdel Malek Essaadi University, Tetuan, Morocco.
  • Research areas and expertise : Renewable energy, energy efficiency in buildings, nanocoating, Formulation and stability of colloidal suspensions and emulsions. Flow behavior “Rheology” of complex materials like Tarsands, Rassoul. quicksand and quickclay. Study of the physics behind natural phenomenon’s like quicksand and quick Clay.

  • Grants and honors : SEED money Al Akhawayn University Grant , InnoTherm II Grant, IRESEN
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