Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - John Shoup-Jack Kalpakian-Connell Monette

John Shoup-Jack Kalpakian-Connell Monette

John Shoup, Professor of Anthropology: North African and Middle Eastern Studies at Al Akhawayn University, published in October 2011 a book entitledEthnic Groups of Africa and the Middle East: An Encyclopedia. The book also includes contributions from other Al Akhawayn faculty: Dr. Jack Kalpakian and Dr. Connell Monette, in addition to several other writers. The book "contains encyclopedic entries arranged alphabetically within ethno-linguistic classifications. Each entry has four main sections: an introduction identifying the language group, where they are found, and their numbers; a brief discussion of their origins and early history; a section on cultural life that includes religion, literature, social organization, and art; and a final section on political organization and recent history. The contents are appropriate for high school and undergraduate students as well as for experts who need a refresher on groups in Africa and the Middle East," as noted in Amazon. The book will soon be available at Al Akhawayn's Mohamed VI Library. 

Along the same lines, and starting Spring 2012, Al Akhawayn University will launch its new MA in North African and Middle Eastern Studies, in addition to a new minor in African Studies. More information on the program can be found