Ahmed Driouchi, and Karim Malki


A new paper entitled “Transforming Uncertainties into Risks and Poverty Alleviation: Lessons Learnt from the Successful Rescuing of Miners in Chile," by Dean of the Al Akhawayn University Institute for Economic Analysis and Prospective Studies, Ahmed Driouchi, and Karim Malki (Al Akhawayn BBA, Class of 2009; MS Corporate Finance, Class of 2010) is available for download at http://mpra.ub.uni-muenchen.de/30486/1/MPRA_paper_30486.pdf. The paper draws a parallel between the extraction of the 33 Chilean miners and poverty alleviation, and invites governments, NGOs, and international organizations to reshape their action plans and poverty alleviation projects to account for the lessons learned from the Chilean case.