New Role of Dr. Muhammad Ikram as Review Editor of “Environmental Economics and Management” in Frontiers in Environmental Science Journal, Sustainability (SCI/4.581)


Dr. Muhammad Ikram, Assistant Professor at the AUI School of Business Administration (SBA), has been appointed Review Editor of "Environmental Economics and Management" in Frontiers in Environmental Science journal. 

The "Environmental Economics and Management" section publishes cutting-edge research in the development and application of novel economic and management approaches to address the environmental challenges humanity faces in the 21st century and beyond. Studies cover all spatial and temporal scales, bridge sectoral domains, and investigate policies to attain diverse sets of sustainability goals. Novel scientific approaches to address issues related to the use of natural resources, environmental degradation, and conflict resolution to disaster risk management are published in this specialty section. Articles will be published on the basis of their scientific quality and degree of theoretical and empirical significance. Full reproducibility of scientific findings is a condition for publication. 

More details on the Frontiers in Environmental Science journal can be found at: