AUI Faculty Publish on Smart Agriculture in a Q1-Tier Journal



AUI Faculty Dr. Riduan Abid and his Ph.D. student Bouali Ettaibi recently published a paper on Smart Agriculture in the IEEE Access Journal: an open-access and Q1-Tier (Best Quartile) journal. The paper is entitled "Renewable Energy Integration into Cloud & IoT-based Smart Agriculture," and is available for "Early Access" area on IEEE Xplore. The work is led by AUI and jointly co-supervised with collaborators from the University of Houston, the Faculty of Sciences and Technology Errachidia, and the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies. 


The goal of this research was to use Smart Agriculture (SA) to help solve the urgent problem of water scarcity. Dr. Abid and Ettaibi thought of a way to measure and control water usage in a group of crops using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - in particular, using a cloud-based IoT (Internet of Things) system to monitor and regulate the water usage. This proved to be more effective than traditional irrigation systems, which may overwater crops or only irrigate again after the crops have been lacking water. By using this SA system,  only the necessary amount of water (no more or less) was used, as the IoT system measured the humidity of the soil and suggested the best times for irrigating the crops. This both 1) helped use water more wisely, and 2) encouraged healthier crops (not to mention that solar energy was also used for the computer systems). In addition, this research is open-access, and one goal is to encourage small and medium farmers to use similar cost-effective systems, especially in sub-Saharan countries. 


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