Dr. Muhammad Ikram Publishes Paper on Green Growth and Sustainable Development in Environmental Science and Pollution Research Journal


Dr. Muhammad Ikram, assistant professor at the AUI School of Business Administration (SBA), has published an article titled “Green growth and sustainable development: dynamic linkage between technological innovation, ISO 14001, and environmental challenges.” The article has been published in the prestigious, leading Environmental Science and Pollution Research Journal, which is indexed in SCI & Scopus, having a 4.223 impact factor. 

The topic of green growth is pervasive in attaining sustainable development in a country. This paper has explored the dynamic linkage between technological innovation, EMS (seen as a green form of organizational innovation), environmental challenges (namely, energy consumption and population growth), and green growth in the developing country context by using a novel, advanced mathematical GRA modeling approach.  

The government must support renewable energy sources and reduce taxes to help industries transition from conventional to alternative energy sources. When we examine the relationship between EMS and green growth, the results show a significant relationship between EMS, CO2, and renewable energy. EMS helps reduce CO2 and GHG emissions. The research findings provide critical policy suggestions that may help address the environmental challenges by promoting green growth development in developing countries. 

More details about the article can be found at: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11356-021-17518-y