Dr. Djallil Lounnas Contributes Chapter on Jihadism in North Africa-Sahel in Unpacking the Challenge of Jihadism in North Africa


Dr. Djallil Lounnas, Associate Professor of International Studies at the AUI School of Humanities and Social Sciences, recently contributed a chapter titled "The Shifting Landscape of Jihadism in North Africa-Sahel: From AQIM to JNIM" in the book titled Unpacking the Challenge of Jihadism in North Africa. The text as a whole is a study focusing on jihadi groups in North Africa and their connections at the regional level. Dr. Lounnas's contribution focuses on the shift in the epicenter of radical violence from North Africa in 1990's-2000's to the Sahel in the last few years, and on current relations between the radical movement between the two geographic areas. 

Dr. Lounnas discusses key historical events and how they were significant in shaping relations between different Jihadist groups. He identifies Sahelian Jihadism having roots in the 1990s, with the early Algerian Groupe Islamic Arme (GIA). Dr. Lounnas analyzes the way in which the successor of Abdelmalek Droukdal, emir of AQIM was appointed, and how the little importance given to it belittled AQIM and redirected attention to JNIM, for example. He also examines the historical kidnapping of 32 Western tourists in Algeria and the evolution of trafficking exploits between the different alliances - being involved in weapons, then human, and even drug trafficking - showing how Jihadist activities in the region developed and changed over time. 

More details on the paper can be found at: https://www.kas.de/documents/282499/282548/Final+version+PDF.pdf/19372ddf-8c10-2eff-e0c9-498d699d150b?version=1.0&t=1638188279935&fbclid=IwAR0aVtyEAB6r8GRIreq7Xl0ggHJuv-ApnQvRzLeU6yQNS_sRCV2luLrkJAk