Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Honors Trip to Casablanca

Honors Trip to Casablanca

This past weekend, students from the Honors Program accompanied by the Honors Program Coordinator, Rossitsa Varadinova Borkowski, went on a trip to Casablanca with 3 educational tours guided by Dr. Eric Ross. The trip was done under the umbrella theme of this semester’s Honors Seminar, Life Spaces. 

Students were able to visit different urban projects and architectural sites in Casablanca dating from precolonial, colonial, and postcolonial periods. Areas such as Ville Nouvelle, Sidi Belyout, the Medina, Temara, and Habous are the neighborhoods where students learned about urban housing projects and policies from a critical perspective, whether they were designed for the Moroccan working class in recent years and for Moroccans during colonial times on one hand, or for the French Protectorate administration and tourists, on the other. 

In the same interdisciplinary approach that governs the Honors program, this trip has given students the opportunity to be critical tourists that wander around, observing with historical, sociological, urbanistic, and political lenses.  

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