Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Dr. Muhammad Ikram publishes paper on Optimization of Logistics Cost in SAGE Open Journal

Dr. Muhammad Ikram publishes paper on Optimization of Logistics Cost in SAGE Open Journal

Dr. Muhammad Ikram, assistant professor at the AUI School of Business Administration (SBA), has published an article titled “Developing a Framework for the Optimization Processes of Logistics Costs: A Hurwitz Criterion Approach.” The article has been published in the prestigious, leading SAGE Open Journal, which is indexed in SSCI & Scopus.

This article focuses on an optimized logistics cost model; the authors developed a comprehensive, logistic framework to optimize the supply chains and logistics processes. Most of the proposed methods can offer optimization processes either from maximizing winnings or for risks. This article describes a newly developed synthetic Hurwitz criterion, its generalization for mixed strategies, and how it enables the logistics manager to make decisions taking into account both the winnings and risks of the decisions made in processes of chain supply and logistics (such as the logistics of products, when decisions must be taken more than once and regularly). Finally, this study develops a criterion that provides the optimal strategy to solve decision-making problems for gains and risks in the logistic department.  

This study provides theoretical and practical implications. It contributes to the enrichment of logistic cost, especially developing a new approach to provide the optimal solution. From a practical perspective, this study suggests valuable guidelines for managers, policy, and decision-makers to understand the logistic cost and performance. One conclusion the authors arrived at is that lowering the logistics costs of delivering products encourages increased sales and trade, which offers the opportunity to explore new markers at national and international levels. Reducing logistics costs helps improve the efficiency of the supply chain and related functions such as infrastructures, services, procedures, and regulations. This study also assists policymakers prepare better-informed policies, as reading the article helps understand the main drivers of logistics cost and how cost reduction affects the logistics sector in the economy.

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