Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Dr. Djallil Lounnas Co-authors Book Chapter

Dr. Djallil Lounnas Co-authors Book Chapter

Dr. Djallil Lounnas, Assistant Professor of International Studies at AUI, recently released a book chapter co-authored with Dr. Yahia Zoubir. The title of the chapter is "European-North African Security: The Complexity of Cooperation" published in Transnational Security Cooperation in the Mediterranean by Robert Mason in Palgrave Editions. The chapter deals with the issues of security cooperation between Europe and North Africa, particularly on terrorism, illegal trafficking, migration as well as the Sahel. The paper shows the complexity of this cooperation due to the lack of regional cooperation in North Africa, but also on the difference of analysis on these problems between the EU and each of the North African countries. 


Link to the book chapter