Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Dr. Lounnas Releases New Book

Dr. Lounnas Releases New Book

Congratulations to Al Akhawayn Professor Dr. Djallil Lounnas on the publication of his most recent book, Le Djihad en Afrique du Nord: d'AQMI a Daech  (Jihad in North Africa: From AQIM  to Daech). The book is published by Les Presses de La Fondation pour la Recherche Strategique/L'Harmattan
Based on eight years of field work in North Africa and Sahel, the book draws from over 300 interviews concerning the topics of radicalism and violence. It analyses the trajectory of jihadi organizations in the region from their emergence in the early 1980's up until 2017, as well as state responses and perspectives for regional cooperation against this phenomenon. In the book, Dr. Lounnas explains the itinerary of the radical jihadist movement in the Maghreb-Sahel and offers a new light on cooperation schemes and the rivalries between these organizations.
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