Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - First High School in Morocco to Teach Moroccan History in English

First High School in Morocco to Teach Moroccan History in English

The Al Akhawayn School of Ifrane (ASI) is offering a new, year-long course on Moroccan History in Grade 11 as part of its Social Studies curriculum.  Although the concept of teaching Moroccan History in ASI’s high school was first introduced in 2013, it was only done in combination with World History courses. This academic year is the first time it will be taught in one consolidated course, making it the first of its kind in any school in Morocco that uses English as its primary language of instruction.

This course offers the large Moroccan student-body at ASI the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their identities in an increasingly globalized world. Through the course, ASI also seeks to equip its foreign students with deeper insight into the country where they live. The course spans over 3,000 years of Morocco’s past – starting with the pre-Islamic Era from Phoenicians, Romans, and Vandals until the Muslim Conquest by the Umayyad dynasty in the seventh century.  The course goes on to analyze Muslim dynasties by tracing the changes that occurred over time up until European Colonialism, followed by Moroccan independence and the modern era.

Nationally, the majority of international schools that are comparable to ASI teach British or American histories instead of Moroccan history. The unique status of ASI as a primarily Moroccan school that employs a North-American pedagogy enables for the flexibility of teaching local histories, while also meeting required international standards.

ASI thanks Ms. Hiam El Hiliali for her pivotal role in realizing this achievement.